About Us

Thorough CleanersThorough Cleaners is the cleaning company you seek, when you are looking for a professionally tailored, around the clock cleaning services in Havering. We have an established reputation in the area. Our men are all very well trained. There is no need to talk about their experience and skills because you are going to see them the minute they start working on your cleaning project. Call us up for domestic and commercial cleaning jobs of any sort, and see us work our magic. The sight is truly worth it.

When it comes to cleaning in Havering, no other company approaches the projects the clients approach them with more seriously. Our licensed cleaners have great professional integrity that does not allow them to be nothing short of respectful and efficient. Their training and long years in the field are naturally of great help, but it would not been possible if it was not for our state of the art professional cleaning equipment, powerful yet green products and methods that are tailored in accordance to the latest trends in the industry, as well as all we have learned working as Havering’s most trusted professional cleaners.

If you choose to hire Thorough Cleaners, you will not only get all your cleaning needs covered efficiently and on a great price, but also be provided with an opportunity to make use of  a variety of benefits, like complementary services, full insurance, and individual plans for the larger projects. We maintain around the clock customer support and a very flexible schedule – all for your comfort and ease. Getting us to clean your property means that you will have the chance to see true professionals at work. Do not miss your chance – look us up today, and call for booking and a free quote.